Warranty Information

Owner Obligation:

It is the obligation of the vehicle purchaser to provide periodic vehicle maintenance and to operate the vehicle in accordance with the vehicle’s original manufacturer’s specifications. Platinum will not warranty any damage caused by lack of proper maintenance, misuse, negligence, or accer.


Platinum warranties for three year or 35k milles [wichever comes first] all installation and craftsmanship
associated with its conversions, from date of delivery. Normal wear and tear or accidental /intentional damage will not be covered under warranty. Any after-market components will be covered by that particular manufacturer’s warranty and precedes any warranty from Platinum.

Authorized Repairs & Replacement:

ALL repairs MUST BE PRE-AUTHORIZED. Payment will not be made for any unauthorized repairs or replacement. Reimbursement for replacement parts not furnished by Platinum will not exceed the verifiable wholesale cost to Platinum.

Exceptions & Limitations:

This warranty DOES NOT COVER any damage caused by normal use, wear and tear, or exposure to elements or improper cleaning methods. Also not covered are any accessories or parts not manufactured by Platinum Big Toys Inc, which include but are not limited to: windows, generators, air conditioners, radios, televisions, power converters, and batteries; however those parts may carry warranties provided by their manufacturers covering the performance of their parts. Altered and modified parts will not be covered.

Claims Procedures:

All warranty service may be performed at Platinum or at any other authorized warranty service location. Platinum must authorize all warranty service in writing prior to performance. Such written authorization and where to deliver the vehicle for warranty service will be given with two (2) working days or receipt of notification of a defect or malfunction and all other terms of this warranty have been satisfied in full. Notice should be presented in writing via: fax, email, or mail to Platinum Big Toys,us INC.at 211 Granite Street Buildings I-J Corona, CA 92879 and must be postmarked on or before the date of expiration of the appropriate warranty period. Notice should include: Owner’s name, address, a brief description of the problem, the product model, serial, and VIN #’s, date of completion or modification, vehicle mileage, the current vehicle location and owners location for contacting during regular business hours.

This warranty covers only parts, custom fabrications; equipment and labor added by Platinum and specifically does not cover any items warranted by the manufacturer of the chassis. The original manufacturer has the discretion of accepting a modified vehicle for warranty work. Nothing contained herein may modify, limit or disclaim any implied warranties that are guaranteed under any applicable state or federal law.

All limousines are upgraded and retrofit to the latest DOT and CHP specifications. We can deliver your upgraded limousine anywhere in the world.

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