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We can upgrade any limousine with pop out windows or roof escape hatches to comply with the new law.

We can extend both trucks and SUV’s to 6-Doors, or more if you want.

Customizing the bus industry with the limousine comfort and luxury.

Our Mission is to build a higher quality custom innovative mobile office to suit our individual customer needs,While paying attention to details.

Emergency Exits For Limousines

Effective January 1, 2018, the limousine retrofit law known as SB109, requires limousines that carry 10 passengers or less have pop-out windows and/or roof escape hatches.

  • Design Preclusion letters
  • CHP Compliant Design
  • Call for Multiple Vehicle Pricing
  • Supplemental Safety Features
All limousines are upgraded and retrofit to the latest DOT and CHP specifications. We can deliver your upgraded limousine anywhere in the world.

International Sales and Delivery

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